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Thing #13: 21st Century Conference

February 27, 2009 by rachel220 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

I just finished watching Video-Conferencing It’s Easy, Free and Powerful by Brian Cosby.  It was very impressive what he and his fourth-grade class accomplished.  The presentation certainly was a persuasive example of how student learning can be enhanced through this medium.  The points he made that video conferencing impacted were well illustrated: inclusion, sharing an experience, improving oral presentations and language skills, motivating higher learning, and collaboration.  Certainly, his students were benefiting from this experience and were excited about learning. 

So now I’m going to research Skype, the free conferencing …. all you need is a web cam….. site.  We’ve been exploring virtual advising and class presentations, and as Brian said, this has the WOW factor.  Let’s hope our presentations go beyond that and we can engage students in the content we’re trying to share.

I have to admit, I’m becoming a fan of online learning.  As can be demonstrated by this “conference,” no travel expenditures in these days of budget cutbacks, and no long lines for airport security have its advantages.  We still want to collaborate with colleagues and share ideas, and this is one way we as professionals can continue our life-long learning. 

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  • Jerrie


    In one of my Web 2.0 classes, I use some of Brian’s blog entries for the closing of the class – the story of Celeste…….See the links here at Celeste was his student that he homeschooled over Skype……Really a heart-warming story……Get out the tissues.

    Delighted to hear that you are becoming a fan of online learning!!!


  • pokiegump

    Hi Rachel,

    Although I have never experimented with video conferencing, I am learning more and more about the powerful potential of Skype in the classroom. I look forward to returning to the classroom and integrating technology such as Skype.

    Having just read Jerrie’s reply and becoming curious, I have now viewed the brief video of Brian Crosby’s class called A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. WOW! What a heartwarming story about a 4th grade class “connecting” with Celeste, a student with leukemia! I love it! Skype provided the means to convey not only subject matter and interaction via video conferencing, but a powerful life lesson to every young child in that class — valuable lessons about compassion, acceptance of someone with special needs, and working, bonding, and learning together. I’m sure this will be a very warm memory that will last a lifetime for those 4th graders and Mr. Crosby! Great job!


  • Curry Wiles

    I am going to have to go check out Mr. Crosby’s session. My inlaws bought up a webcam, and we are set-up with skype, so my kids can see their grandparents that live in Indiana. We have enjoyed being able to stay intouch and see each other.

    Now I’ll have to learn how to use video conferencing with my students.


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